tasmanian devil

The Tasmanian Devil

Remember Taz from Looney Tunes? A rapacious and ravenous monster who goes around eating anything in its way? Yeah, let’s just say the cartoon version isn’t entirely different from the real life one!

What Is It?

A Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous mammal which is known to feed on snakes, rats and other small prey. The scientific name for it is “Sarcophilus Harrissi”. It belongs to the family of Dasyuridae. With the size of a dog, the Tasmanian devils are the largest carnivorous marsupial! Some websites also believe the “dirt devil vacuum cleaner” comes from this wild animal!

Why Is It Called the Devil?

The reason for naming them as devils is because they can become extremely voracious in a matter of seconds especially when sense a danger towards their mate or have someone eye their food. In such conditions, the creature becomes extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of harm to the said threat. Also, once in the company of food, this animal wipes it out completely leaving nothing behind even the hairs!

Where Do They Live?

tazThey mainly come from South Australia. It was once native to mainland Australia as well but now it only exists in the wild on the island state of Tasmania and at a tiny east coast Maria Island.


These maniacal creatures sometimes appear as tiny bears with their coarse black or brown fur. Some of these contains spots or a line on their furs while others remain simple. Their front legs are long and the rest are short giving them a pig like posture. These also way up to 26 pounds and are said to be about 30 inches in length. Their teeth are extremely sharp and can harbor very sharp bites.

What Happens When the Devils Are Provoked?

These devils can be provoked in two ways:

  1. When someone threatens their mate
  2. When someone tries to take their food away

Either way, in both the conditions, the creatures lose whatever sense of normalcy they contain and throw a blind rage fit which has killed a lot of threats in past. Safe to say, it is best to simply leave it alone!

Are They in Danger of Extinction?

Yes, they are hence why a special conservation society is made for them to prevent it from happening. However, the creatures are said to be diseased with devil facial tumor which allows lumps to appear on their mouths. These lumps prevent them from eating and eventually the devil dies of starvation. For this reason, the Tasmanian devils are proclaimed to be vulnerable and special care is provided for them to survive in the wilderness!

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