Meet Maxi!

Our neighborhood has the least incidence of fire anywhere in the state and we all owe it to our beloved mascot, Maxi (a 5-year-old light brown male Cocker Spaniel). In fact, he travels everywhere with the crew, be it out to lunch, dinner, or backyard barbecues. He has also been a part of numerous rescue missions, alerting brave fire fighters to trapped residents around the area. But what really sets him apart is his tenacity to stay fit and healthy every single day.

Maxi starts out his day early in the morning with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood and then after breakfast and a quick early morning nap begins a rigorous fitness regime along with the rest of the crew. First up and always his favorite is the treadmill. Yes, you heard that right – a treadmill. When out walking Maxi doesn’t want to run like other dogs, he rather likes taking in nature all around but put him on one of the best treadmills for dogs and he will break any world dog-track record!

It all started a year back when the team decided to let go of an old Weslo treadmill. Having served its duration with the crew, replaced with a newer Stamina series automated inclination treadmill, it was put out to pasture awaiting a new owner. One fine morning though, Maxi decided to hop on and give it a go. Being manually operated it responded like a charm to Maxi’s attempts and before we knew it, the treadmill became Maxi’s new best friend. He doesn’t need a second invitation to run the Weslo, he does so when he feels like it. And now, the Weslo has been restored to its previous glory, sitting beside the Stamina in the common workroom where Maxi likes outrunning everyone else on his very own treadmill.

Maxi takes his fitness found on the treadmill into the field often times running through a recently doused building attempting to locate survivors. In fact, his enthusiasm on and off the treadmill is quite similar. However, he understands the need of the hour and while it’s always playful on the treadmill, during an actual operation he maintains a serious face, silently and enthusiastically going about locating the next trapped person. During heavy rains, it is his hound like nose and treadmill conditioning that helps locate drowning victims in deep basements.

We have decided to keep the old Weslo working in prime condition as long as possible looking at Maxi’s love for it. In fact, the crew has decided to custom paint it so that is suites Maxi’s nature!

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