Did you know, Australia’s first novel was published by Henry Savery in 1831 in Hobart named “Quintus Servinton”?

FAWTAS or the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Tasmania was first incorporated in the early 1900’s to give all writers (established and budding) a common ground to share their ideas, experiences and help one another achieve their lifelong goal of publishing accredited works of art, language, fiction and non-fiction.

From articles and posts on how to become a better writer to guest posts by established authors on introducing comic elements, using real life objects and ideas to produce literature – FAWTAS is your one-stop solution. Anyone can use our archives and services even if one is not from the state.

What will you find here?

Not only will we serve as a source to better your writing abilities but encourage budding writers to submit their works for critique and suggestions. Furthermore, it is our belief that indigenous writers ought to have a common platform to express their views, opinions and suggestions. Use the contact us form if you wish to become a regular writer for us or if you have any queries you wished answered by experts and professionals.

At the same time, we aim at promoting the great state of Tasmania – one of the only surviving clean air regions in the world where you truly can take in a breathe of fresh air. From interesting tit-bits on the state to unique stories born and part of Tasmania  – we give all the insight you need to know. Our aim is to cater to all visitors even if they aren’t here for literary cravings!

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